Night shift reality

A good percentage of my life is spent at work. Shift work, as a midwife. I love it! But this week has been a week of night shift and that means it’s “easy food week”. Eating at random hours, going to bed at 8:30am waking up at 4pm (if I’m lucky, the lawn mowing guy doesn’t come over, the phone doesn’t ring and it’s not 40 degrees C). It really plays around with the inner wiring of knowing when and what my body even wants to consume.

Yesterday my cooking creativity consisted of heating up leftover rice with salt,pepper, butter and cheese. Eating cucumber sticks, and a frozen yogurht paddle-pop icecream (Not together mind you). A fried egg for breakfast on toast.

But tonight is my last night shift, and then a beautiful stretch of days off. So when my body has reached equilibrium again (and my computer decides to start working properly) I will return with a little more creativity.


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