Upside down

I’d like to say I’m jumping back on the blog band wagon because I’m inspired. Rather I feel like a carpet has been pulled out from under my feet. Food for me is changing. I’ve always considered myself a health conscious food lover, but for reasons related to my health and needing to boost my immune system I’m making some big changes.

The IN foods:

  • meat/seafood/eggs
  • vegetables
  • fruits & berries
  • nuts & seeds
  • fats – olive oil, nut oils, coconut oil & animal fats


  • fermented dairy eg yoghurt 
  • honey/dark chocolate
  • small amounts of gluten free grain

The NO Foods

  • Wheat and gluten containing grains
  • Refined Sugar
  • Overly Processed foods
  • Food additives eg artificial flavours/colour/preservatives

I pulled out my baking draw today and said good bye to my copious amounts of flour and sugar…. seriously half of my pantry will no longer be in use.

And so my adventure in the “Land of No Bread or Pasta” begins!


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