Paleo: ‘Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume’

Opening up my blog for the first time in ages yesterday lead me to where I left off, trying out key recipes from Silvena Rowe’s book Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume. So curiosity demanded I pull it off the bookshelf to see if I could find any ‘Laura Suitable Food’ within its pages.

I was pleasantly surprised.

How do these sound?


Jerusalem Artichoke Hummus topped with Lamb and Sumac

Damascene Walnut Tarator

Toasted Citrus and Nasturtium Flower Aioli

King Prawn and Blood Orange Charmola Salad

Lamb and Pistachio Kebabs

Spice Scented Spring Lamb with Quince and Mustard Relish

Aleppo Chilli Marinated Chicken Kebabs

Yiahni – Slow-cooked Lamb with Spring Onions, Cherries and Lemon

Sea Bream with Currants and Pistachios and a Blood Orange Sauce

Warm King Prawn Pink Radish and Red Onion

Sweet Roasted Peppers on Smoked Aubergine Puree

Cumin-scented Broth of Celeriac, Summer Squash and Orange

That’s not even all of the recipes that fit the bill, there are many more I haven’t listed and many more that could be tweaked. So perhaps a cook book series is not off the cards in the blogging future.

And yes, I have discovered my bottle of pomegranate molasses is sugar free! Huge sigh of relief!


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