First time for every thing!

My first green smoothie was a great success! But after having a bit of a read around I think I’m going to have to go a little more ‘green’ and decrease the percentage of fruit. These ladies have a great description of a true green smoothie.

My plan was to photograph the smoothie to give this place a bit of colour, but it looked so good before taking the shot that I took a small sip and then couldn’t put it down. The recipe for my first smoothie is as follows:


The Green Friend:

2 frozen bananas slightly thawed

A small hand full of frozen raspberries

A large cube of frozen spinach

Blend together until smooth. The frozen components give it a thick, smooth but icy texture!


I’m keen to try some smoothies with coconut milk and coconut water, and I know somewhere at the back of my cupboard I’ve got some chia seeds lurking asking to be mixed into blend of green goodness.



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