Um… I have dietary requirements!

Tim I went out for dinner last night before catching some James Bond in the new Skyfall. Nothing fancy just the Greek place next to the cinema.

And as I perused the menu I did feel some what guilty trying to find something to match the food template I’ve set in place.  Why guilty? Perhaps it’s because I don’t have any actual food allergies that I know of. I’m not one of those people who will eat a piece of bread and then spend three days in bed. I’m making these choices to feel like I’m doing something that could help my thyroid. Otherwise, all I do is take a tablet first thing in the morning, and that doesn’t exactly scream “PROACTIVE” to me.

Then the waiter came around.

He took Tim’s order first.

Then it was my turn: “I’d like to have the Lamb Gyros thanks!……… Is it possible to get some extra vegetables or salad on the side? Unfortunately I can’t eat the bread it comes with.”

There was a slight look of horror on our waiter’s face, “Um… I don’t know if we can change it, I don’t think they cook vegetables on their own.”

I summoned a smile and persistence.

“There’s green beans on the menu as a side dish… could you check with the chef  if they could put some on instead of bread, that would be great!

He left.

Our plates come out, mine had Green beans! And gosh that lamb was good!

Thinking about eating out is one of the scary things for me as I make food changes. Tim and I go out often. I don’t mean we get takeaway, I mean we go to a restaurant  and order good food, or even the degustation menu. The most recent highlight a few months ago was The Commoner in Johnston St, Fitzroy. Seriously check out the link- the site is just so beautiful! Jo who owns the place served us, and to say we were well cared for is an understatement. We asked her about the ‘Simply Feed Me’ option on the menu, and when we found it was a collection of dishes picked by the chef tailored to us we could not say no. I had my first taste of black pudding!  The stand out for me was desert: Brown Ale Pudding with Abbotsford Stout and Salted Caramel.

Jo had a conversation with us that gives me hope for going out to a good restaurant again. As we decided on the ‘Simply Feed Me’ option Jo checked if we had any specific food requirements. At the time I laughed and said, “No, we’re not those sorts of people!”  But I remember hearing the sincerity in her voice, and I know I could have said gluten free or grain free and she would have bent over backwards to try produce something that I could enjoy.

I think a visit to The Commoner might be in order soon!